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Powah Orbs are a valuable source of energy in modded Minecraft, and automating their use can significantly improve gameplay efficiency. In this guide, we will explore how to automate Powah Orb use in the early game using Refined Storage and Industrial Foregoing conveyor belts.

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Batch Crafting of Powah Orbs with Refined Storage

To start, you need to craft a few options for Powah Orbs. Even the basic reactors can generate a significant amount of power and are ideal for early-game batch crafting use. With Refined Storage, you can automate the batch crafting of Powah Orbs. The Refined Storage Crafter is an essential tool for automating the batch crafting of Powah Orbs.

It allows selecting the recipe you want to batch craft and automatically use the resources stored in the Refined Storage system to create the item. To get started with batch crafting, a Refined Storage system with the Refined Storage Crafter, an Insertion Conveyor Upgrade, and one Extraction Conveyor is necessary.

Charging Powah Orbs with the Energizing Orb ControllerHow to Automate Powah Orb! - Go Roboted (1)

Once you have crafted the Powah Orbs, you need to charge them. You can do this using the Energizing Orb Controller. This device charges the Powah Orbs one insertion conveyor, automatically and requires an Extraction Conveyor Upgrade to extract the charged Powah Orbs and place them back on the conveyor belt.

The Energizing Orb Controller can be set up using Industrial Foregoing conveyor belts to transport the Powah Orbs to the controller. The High Extraction Module ensures quick and efficient extraction of the Powah Orbs from the conveyor belt.

Managing the Refined Storage System

With a system for batch crafting and charging Powah Orbs in place, You need to manage our Refined Storage system. The Refined Storage Interface allows us to access our entire Refined Storage system, including the Powah Orbs and the Energizing Orb Controller.

The entire Pretty Pipes portion of Industrial Foregoing enables easy transportation of all the infrastructure and charged Powah Orbs.

Refined Storage Batch Crafting and Use

If you’re weary of constructing objects one at a time, the Refined Storage Crafter is an excellent instrument for expediting the process. By selecting the desired formula and employing resources stored in the Refined Storage system, this utility facilitates the volume production of items such as Powah Orbs.

It’s especially useful when you’re dealing with a significant number of items or don’t want to produce them promptly.

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To commence group production, you must first construct a Refined Storage system, which comprises the Refined Storage Crafter, an Insertion Conveyor Upgrade, and a single Extraction Conveyor.

The Insertion Conveyor Upgrade is used to insert the resources needed to craft the Powah Orbs into the Refined Storage Crafter. The one Extraction Conveyor is used to extract the crafted Powah Orbs and place them in one refined storage system on a conveyor belt.

With the Refined Storage system ready, You can then configure the Refined Storage Crafter to craft the Powah Orbs. You can do this by opening the Refined Storage Crafter and selecting the recipe for Powah Orbs, then specify the number of Powah Orbs you want the entire system to craft, and the Refined Storage Crafter will automatically start the crafting process.

Upgrading the System

As you progress in Minecraft, you may need more power, which means you will require more Powah Orbs. To upgrade the system, you can add more basic reactors and increase the number of Powah Orbs crafted and charged. You can also upgrade the system with the following enhancements:

  1. Detection Conveyor Upgrade: This upgrade detects when a Powah Orb is present on three conveyor belts and stops the conveyor belt, allowing for more efficient charging.
  2. Extraction Conveyor Upgrade: This upgrade can move items faster, which can speed up the charging process.
  3. Speed Upgrade: This update can increase the pace of the Refined Storage Crafter, enabling for more efficient bulk manufacturing.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to make automating Powah Orb use even more interesting properties easier:

  1. Use labels to organize your Refined Storage system, making it easier to find what you need.
  2. Use an Item Filter Upgrade in the Refined Storage Crafter to ensure the correct items are used for batch crafting.
  3. Use a Fuzzy Card in the Refined Storage Interface to search for items that may have been misplaced in the system.
  4. Use an Enderpearl or Ender Rift to transport Powah Orbs from one location to another.


In conclusion, automating Powah Orb use with Refined Storage and Industrial Foregoing conveyor belts can save time and effort in modded Minecraft. With a few features like the Refined Storage Crafter, the Energizing Orb Controller, and the High Extraction Module, you can set up a refined storage system that is ready to handle the charging and use of more than one output of Powah Orbs.

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How to Automate Powah Orb! - Go Roboted (2024)


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