Recommended Festival Tents for Families (2024)

Festival season is in full swing, and finding the perfect tent for your family is a must to elevate your festival camping experience!

Here at Attwoolls Outdoors, we know a thing or two about camping and have shared many memories of festivals over the years as a family.

The blog covers our recommended Festival tents for families in 2024. From classic bell-shaped tents to large living areas and small, compact poled tents, you will be spoilt for choice on your next family camping adventure!

What makes a good festival family tent?

Recommended Festival Tents for Families (1)The one question we get repeatedly asked is about festival camping and what makes a good tent. Of Course, lugging a large tent for miles isn’t ideal, so weight is an important factor when choosing a tent for an upcoming festival.

Depending on the age of your family, the size and room are the next important factors. If you’re a family of four with young kids, choosing a classic bell-shaped tent is a great option. All camping together under one canvas roof, enjoying the weekend's festivities.

Investing in a larger, compartmental tent might be a better option if you have older children. Separate living and sleeping areas give older families more space to hang out during the day and sleep at night.

Recommended Festival Tents for Families (2)

Storage areas in your festival tent are also key. Whether you're packing the essentials only or bringing the kitchen sink with you, it's important to remember where you will store everything. Often, tents have built-in storage pockets for small valuable items, but do you require a space to store big bags, cooking equipment and clothing?

Whatever you are looking for, read on to discover our recommended festival tents for families in this simple guide.

Vango Alton 500 Air or Poled Tent

The Vango Alton 500 tent is available in a poled or air version and is a fantastic little tent for festivals. It can be erected in 15 minutes and is designed to create a compact living and sleeping space. The front canopy provides protection from bad weather or a cooking station.

This five-man tent would comfortably sleep a family of 4 of all ages and is of great quality without compromising Vango's best features. Such as cable entry points, mesh doors, lantern hanging points, and nightfall bedrooms that ensure darkness for a great night's sleep. (as long the festival music isn’t too loud)

Weighing only 15kg, this lightweight tent is ideal festival tent for families. Take a closer look at our website here

Easycamp Moonlight Yurt Tent

Looking for a versatile festival tent? Festival tents for families come in all shapes and sizes and we love the communal aspect of this one. Not only is the Moonlight yurt great for sleeping, but after the festival season, it can also be used in the garden for entertaining.

Fitting a family of 4, this Easycamp moonlight tent is of fantastic quality and a typical fun festival tent. Other top features include seas in groundsheet so it is easy to pitch, a full mesh door for good ventilation and a steel upright pole that can easily be inserted to help create a strong structure while remaining usable space.

A popular choice for families, this tent has lots of pocket storage, perfect for protecting valuable items. It also feels special with the steeped canvas walls. It has three hanging points for lanterns and bunting to decorate your tent in true festival style!

With a handy carry bag weighing just under 11kg, this is a great option for festival camping. Shop this tent on our website or visit us in-store today for more details.

Outwell Sunhill 3 Air Tent

A standout tent for 2024 camping, the Outwell Sunhill 3 Air tent is not to be overlooked for festivals this year. This small, compact, easy-to-pitch tent is why we added it to our festival guide. It is a great choice for family festival camping.

This tent has two main zones and an open canopy at one end, which is perfect for outdoor relaxation or cooking. Available in 3 or 5 berths, the Sunhill Air tent has dark premier bedrooms with mesh ventilation and pockets to store small and valuable items away from potential thieves which is why it makes an excellent festival tent option families. Not only small personal items, but store toys and anything you want to keep out of reach of the children!

The hook track system allows you to hang lights, bunting, or storage, enhancing the living space. With large tinted windows, you can enjoy privacy away from other festival goers. Take a closer look at this model on our website or call our showroom for more details.

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent

One of the bestselling summer tents is the Coleman Octagon 8 tent, which is perfect for communal living and sleeping. Unlike any other tent on the market, the Octagon 8 tent is an octagon shape made using steel poles that simply pop into plastic joints to create this novelty tent.

One of the joys of this quirky tent is the 360-degree views around it. Each panel has tie-back curtains to give you a more home-away-from-home feel.

There are two doorways for ease of access, each with a rain canopy designed to stop impromptu rain showers from dropping into the tent. Easily pitched by one person, the Octagon 8 is available in-store and on our website today!

Kampa Brean 4 Air Tent

Perfect for festivals, the Kampa Brean 4 Air tent is a great value for money and an all-around tent for family use. With a sewn-in groundsheet, built-in front canopy, large zipped mesh doors and dark bedrooms, if you're looking for a high-spec but affordable tent, then the Kampa Brean 4 is for you.

It sleeps four people comfortably, its inflatable frame allows for stress-free pitching, and its bedroom pockets allow you to store your festival valuables like phone, wallet, and keys away from thieves. A covered entrance gives a sheltered area to your tent stopping rain and wind from entering the living area.

Mike and Anna have enjoyed countless festivals in the Kampa Brean 4 Tent growing up so if you're looking for a classic tent for your festival loving family then check it out on our website or visiting our showroom for more details.

Vango Classic 300 Tent

Are you a back-to-basics festival family? Check out Vango’s latest festival tent on the market - the Instant 300. With a hybrid design, they have created a classic popup frame with old-school tents. In a matter of minutes, the frame can pop into shape, which is ideal for families looking for a quick, no-thrills festival camping experience.

Once the inner part of the tent is up, the flysheet can be placed over the top to protect you from the elements. With dual doors at either end, you can choose between storing your bags or using them as an entrance point.

Available in 3 colours: orange, deep blue and geo pattern, you can choose the style that suits your family best! Weighing only 7kg, this awesome tent is made using a breathable polycotton and can be viewed in the showroom before purchase.

Easycamp Huntsville 500 Tent

For first-time festival campers, the Huntsville 500 tent is a great choice. It is available in 3 sizes, so you can pick the right size to suit you. This tent is suitable for big families or small ones and a great festival tent for families.

It has colour-coded poles, perfect quick pitching, and dark bedrooms to store the sun's glare after a night of partying!

Built-in storage pockets make it easy to locate phones and torches in the middle of the night, and the curtains have toggles to provide privacy when needed. Create one big living and sleeping space or toggle the inner divider to separate the bedroom section.

Whichever way you choose to live, this Easycamp Huntsville tent is a great choice for family festival camping. Shop this model on our website or chat with our Attwoolls experts to find out more!

A final note from us

Camping is all part of the fun at a festival, and choosing the right tent for you can make or break a family trip. Festival Tents for families come in all shapes and sizes and you can really cater the right tent to your needs. From 2-man to 8-man tents, we stock a huge range of festival tents online and in our showroom, and this is just a small proportion of our favourite festival tents!

View all Festival Tents here

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our camp life blogs on the website for tips, tricks and advice on all things outdoors. Including ‘10 camping festival essentials available in store.’

Recommended Festival Tents for Families (2024)


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