Tornado Hits Perryton June 15, 2023 (2024)


First Baptist Church will serve hot dogs to any and all for lunch.

United is open for dry good purchasing. Cash and credit only.

Dr. Skaggs at the Animal Clinic is open if anyone has injured pets, etc.

First National Bank has food ready now.

FirstBank Southwest is operating out of the Booker branch. Call the normal number and asked to be transferred to that office.

Energy Transfer is feeding all at 604 E Loop 143.

FNB has an account (FNB Perryton Relief Fund) if people want to donate. The Perryton branch open for anyone in need. We have staff cooking breakfast and lunch for anyone in need. And we have cash available at that branch. Even if you aren't our customer we will do anything to help.

Generator is being setup and getting a plan together this morning. Anyone who wants to bring food or volunteer to help can call 435-8000 or Rob Herrington806-202-0213

"The State of Texas is swiftly deploying critical emergency response resources to provide all necessary support and assistance to protect Texans and help those impacted by tornadoes in Perryton," said Governor Greg Abbott. "I encourage all Texans to heed the guidance of state and local officials and to take all necessary precautions to protect yourselves and your loved ones. We remain ready to quickly provide any additional resources needed over the course of this severe weather event."

My Emergency management coordinator office both fire Departments and Ems have been paged out for a possible mass casualty event in Perryton !--Hansford County Judge Tim Glass

We will use the Hansford County Annex as a drop off for supplies to send to the Victims of the Perryton Tornado ! Hansford County 4-H will receive them contact Kristy Slough for more information. --Judge Tim Glass

More news as it it becomes official

If you need a place to go Perryton, the Rangerette and Ranger gym will be open. No power, but it’s a safe roof overhead

Coach Cole announces to bring donations and supplies to the gym

OGH--Walking wounded go to clinic --all others to ER

Dear 4B family. Our beloved community of Perryton was hit hard this evening by a tornado that resulted in the loss of loved ones, homes, and businesses. Please pray for our friends in Perryton. There will be ample opportunity to love and support them as they recover and rebuild - please keep your heart open to God’s calling and how you can be His hands and feet during this time. We will try to share as many ways to help as we can through High Plains Observer and KXDJ Radio will likely be central locations for current information and ways to help out. Prayers are welcome any and all of the time at this point. Thank you for keeping Perryton in the forefront of your mind. 💙

Broken Spoke Insurance--As many are aware, Perryton, Texas was hit hard early this evening by a tornado that destroyed a large part of the town. It is times like these that we often question “how can we help, what can we do”

All day tomorrow we will be collecting water, drinks, paper goods, snacks, blankets, flashlights, batteries, trash bags and anything else you can think of in our Stratford, Dalhart and Amarillo offices for our neighbors, friends, family and customers in Perryton, Texas.

We will take all collections over tomorrow evening after our offices close at 5:30.

Stratford office is located at 319 N Main, Stratford

Dalhart office is located at 1101 Liberal, Suite 1, Dalhart

Amarillo office is located at 1023 S Georgia. Amarillo

Hey, Hutchinson County let’s help our neighbors:

Perryton was hit hard by tornadoes that destroyed portions of the town today.

To help our neighbors, we will be accepting donations starting at 9 a.m. tomorrow of bottled water, drinks (Gatorade, juices, etc), paper goods, easy-to-open snacks, diapers, baby wipes, formula, blankets, flashlights, batteries, trash bags, work gloves, etc. at our office located at 207 N. Main Street in Borger.

Our staff will deliver all donations to Perryton after our office closes at 4:30 p.m. tomorrow. (Friday)

"We have that Panhandle Spirit, and no one does it better than us. It’s not convenient nor easy to live at times where we live. We do it for our families and for everyone around us and we are seeing that right now during this event”---Judge Tim Glass

***if you have taken a photo and shared please let the HPO know. We are receiving many photos and will be diligent to give credit

Tornado Hits Perryton June 15, 2023 (1)

photo by Michael Bates

Tornado Hits Perryton June 15, 2023 (2)

Cell phone tower photo sent by Judge Glass team

Tornado Hits Perryton June 15, 2023 (2024)


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